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8 New Wordpress Plugins to SUPERCHARGE your Search Game.

Jonathon Skye July 7August 30th, 2018

Is it just me or is search one of the most least thought of feature of a new Wordpress website design? With more and more eCommerce websites popping up, search is more relevant than ever and helps your customers find the exact product they are looking after. Straight out of the box, Wordpress search uses the links within categories, tags and featured posts to return a search query, which is fine if you have a small website, but terrible is you have a ton of content or a shop with 100’s of products. As a start, the default Wordpress search function isn’t flexible; what can we do about it?

We’ve found 8 of the best Wordpress search plugins to SUPERCHARGE your website’s search function.

Instant Search & Suggest

Like the same suggests, Instant Search & Suggest will return a search query by just typing a few letters in to the search box. It returns suggestions for related tags, categories or titles. This plugin needs very minimal configuration to setup and will work with any theme.

search plugins 1


With the click of the / button, the Jarvis search bar will appear, enter your search term and Jarvis will suggest content related to your keyword. You can then arrow up/down the list to navigate through the results, pressing enter to view a result.

search plugins 2

WP Extended Search

With WP Extended Search, you can set the options to base search results on Post Meta, Taxonomies (tags and categories), Post Types (page, posts and media) as well as the author name. It also has the power to customise SQL relation between search terms; it’s a very powerful search plugin.

search plugins

Auto Search Suggestion

Like the name says, automatic search suggestions which will speed up your search. For WP admins, inside the dashboard this plugin will let you search any content from post, page or custom-post-type; all in one place!

search plugins

WP Lucky Search

You know the “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google? Well this is exactly that, but for your website. On click, your visitor will be redirected to a random post based on the search query. Very fun!

search plugins

DuckDuckGo Search Widget

Feel like you’re being tracked everywhere you go? DuckDuckGo is a search engine that won’t track you. If you run a website that encourages untrackable searching and browsing, you can now get this functionality on your own website. This plugin adds DuckDuckGo as a widget which works the same as the Wordpress default search but uses the DuckDuckGo engine to search your site.

search plugins

Curated Search

Curated Search allows you to pin search results to specific keywords. Ever wanted that ‘Top 5 Sea Horse’ blog post to appear when someone searches for ‘sea life’ on your blog? Now you can pin it to that search result, giving you the ability to create search results for specific typos or keywords not mentioned in your content. You can also redirect search terms or make searches contextual. As well as this, you can hide specific content or limit the search results for a query. It’s a very versatile plugin.

search plugins

Quick Search Widget

This plugin allows your visitors to get search results immediately on keypress, without having to reload the page, making the search experience faster and easier. The search results are populated from posts, pages and/or products.

search plugins

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