These 10-Hour Youtube Videos will help you procrastinate right now.

By October 23, 2015September 22nd, 2020Video
These 10-Hour Youtube Videos will help you procrastinate right now.

Got a favourite song stuck in your head? Or maybe just a few seconds of your favourite movie? Enjoy it in it’s full 10-hour looped glory on Youtube right now and help procrastinate from whatever important things you were doing today.

The 10 Hour Youtube video craze has been around for close to 5 years, started as an adatpion of an earlier YouTube trend, ‘X for 10 minutes’. X for 10 minutes didn’t get nearly as much traction as the 10 Hour YouTube video which has gained a cult following and eventually was noticed by large institutions enough for them to start sending copyright notices out. A 10 Hour YouTube video is just a short clip looped continuously for 10 hours.

It all started with a Youtube user named TehN1ppe who uploaded the first 10-hour video on 29th April, 2011 which was Nyan Cat 10 Hours which as of writing this, currently has 46 million views. This upload gave way to the 10 hour challenge where users would dare their friends or family to watch 10 hours of the same video non stop, filming themselves watching it; uploading the 10 hour video.

While TehN1ppe kept uploading more and more 10 hour videos, so did the rest of the world as the craze spread and there are thousands of 10 hour videos on Youtube right now. Unfortunately for TehN1ppe this all came to a grinding halt due to one particular video – 10 hour Bird is the Word. This is a cut of the famous song from The Family Guy cartoon which ended up with FOX Studios, the creators of Family Guy filing for copyright infringement and TehN1ppe’s Youtube account getting a ‘copyright strike’. This restricted his account to uploading only 15 minute videos, thus ending his 10 hour video career.

Fun fact: it takes TehN1ppe 12 hours to upload a 10-hour video, according to a Youtube comment that he answered one of his videos.

So if you have 10 hours (minimum) to spend today on Youtube, we’ve compiled the Top 10 best 10 hour Youtube videos for your procrastinating pleasure.

Nyan Cat HD 10 Hours.

Skype Call 10 Hours.

Arnold Schwzarzenegger speaking 10 hours.

Mario Kart ‘Invincible Mode’ 10 Hours.

Star Wars Cantina Band 10 Hours.

Star Wars Imperial March 10 Hours

Girls and Panzer (Katyusha) 10 Hours HD.

Vevuzela 10 Hours.

Rick Roll 10 Hours.

Badger Song 10 Hours.