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A Path That Fits

A Path That Fits has helped 1000s of people build authentic, meaningful, and wildly successful careers.


A Path That Fits’ founder, career coach Adrian Klaphaak, came to us for a redesign of their brand website including it’s multiple service intergrations for career and life coaching. They operate a number of physical locations as well as run online virtual coaching courses, so the challenge was to organise their large service offering in a coherant structure for the user and integrate the variety of marketing and analytics tracking tools that require custom workflows.


Using Wordpress, we developed a responsive e-commerce website that seamlessly integrates with A Path That Fits marketing channels and production and make it easy to find services and products in any user’s location. We continued the use of the striking ‘blue’ from their original logo and supplemented the design with bold and colorful photos to enhance the service offerings.

What We Did

Web Design / Anaylitics & Data Integration

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