How to upload your WooCommerce tax rates CSV

Brisbane Team February 11February 12th, 2021
How to upload your WooCommerce tax rates CSV

Adding US sales tax to WooCommerce couldn’t be easier with their one-click import system that’s built in to the WooCommerce plugin core.

Once you’ve downloaded our CSV (and this applies to any WooCommerce tax rates CSV file), head on over to your WooCommerce settings in the backend of your site and head to Tax –> Standard rates.

There you will find the button to “import CSV”. That’s it. Boom!

Woocommerce Tax Rates Import 1

Steps to Import

1) Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax -> Standard Rates

2) Click on the “Import CSV” button

3) Select the CSV file that you want to upload

4) Click on “import”.

Please note, on some hosting setups, the file may take a few minutes to fully import. Please wait and be patient.

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